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9/21/19 Flourish$Prosper Music Group and our partners had a busy summer here’s a quick recap of the releases from the past 3 months. 

Flourish$Prosper Music Group

The first release of summer 2019 was the much-anticipated debut album from veteran west coast Latino rapper and producer, Apakalips. Dearly Deported  is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates classic hip hop.

MC Random and Mackadena collaborated and released two albums this summer! These high energy collabs have an international hip hop vibe with MC Random’s West Coast story-telling rhyme style and Mackadena’s European production. Back in Action and The Fantastic Adventures of Macktackular and Randiculous

MC Random definitely captured the West Coast Summer vibe with this track and it’ll stay hot well into the fall! All Summer

Stacey Justis dropped 2 albums this summer. Deja Vu, Lost Tapes Vol. 1 and she just released West Coast Dame: Lost Tapes Vol. 2  Her vibe is RnB Pop: think Amy Winehouse, Sia, Billie Eilish, Portis Head.

Capital Iman from Tha Mexakinz released a much-anticipated album called Left For DeadThis album features include Rass Kass, Psycho Les, Gunnie Sonatchra, Krazy Race, Jizzm HiDef, ILL Mascaras, SyckSyllables, ILL Wero, Tkilla, Eptos Uno, Demente, Mek, Sinful El Pecado, Red Cloud, Artson, Shibastik, Elote el Barbaro & Juan Zarate. This album is a definite must stream from a rhyme master.

WCK Records 

James Heated and Johnny Teflon Released their single Money Moves. Super west coast feel-good vibe song.

The EP Monstroe 3×3 from underground rapper Monstroe dropped in July with the classic summer anthem single called West Up

Steady Grind 

Two singles dropped from their founder, talented female rapper and producer NEB Luv. Her track 100 and PRINT were both released in July.

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