Current Partners, Clients & Projects

A list of partners we are developing the future with.
Partners 1

Partner, Music Distribution

EMPIRE distributes to all DSP's, Social Media platforms and digital retailers for all music released through Flourish & Prosper Music Group.
Partners 2

Partner, Web3 Developer

Partnering with Ben Levin and street artist JC Rivera for a NFT collection with various utility.
Partners 3

Client, Web3 Consulting

Consulting on web3 initiatives.
Partners 4

Client, Traditional Marketing Agency

F&P led all web development, digital marketing and social media efforts for all in-house clients.
Partners 5

Owner / Operator, Media Platform

F&P owns and operates WestCoastStyles website and social media platforms.
Partners 6

Client, Web3 Consulting

F&P's Founder leads all development work for in-house smart contracts and decentralized applications.
Partners 7

Client, Web3 Consulting

Consulting on launching and developing web3 strategy. Also co-anchor on Pepe's Lab podcast.
Partners 8

Partner, Digital Advertising

Partner for digital advertising clients and web development clients.

Previous Work

A list of past and former clients, collaborations, employers and project experience.
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Partners 11
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Partners 15
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