**MC Random Drops Timeless Hip-Hop Single “Forever,” Produced by the Artist Himself**



**MC Random Drops Timeless Hip-Hop Single “Forever,” Produced by the Artist Himself**


New York, NY – March 25, 2023 – In a powerful salute to the roots of hip-hop culture, MC Random announces the release of his latest single “Forever,” a track that captures the essence of the genre’s golden age. Produced by MC Random, the single is a rich blend of old-school beats and sharp, contemporary lyricism. Set to drop on April 1, 2023, “Forever” promises to be a staple in the playlists of hip-hop aficionados, available on all major streaming platforms.


MC Random, a stalwart in the west coast underground hip-hop scene, has earned his stripes as a prolific rapper and producer. With a career spanning over two decades, he has released more than 20 albums and countless features. As the co-founder of Area 51 Crew and Vice President of Flourish$Prosper Music Group, MC Random has become synonymous with the true spirit of hip-hop. His work is a clarion call for authenticity and innovation in a genre that he believes has been diluted by mainstream influences.


The single “Forever” is not only a showcase of MC Random’s artistry as a performer but also his craftsmanship as a producer. His intimate understanding of hip-hop’s history and beat production is evident in the track’s meticulous construction. As the mastermind behind both the lyrics and the soundscape, MC Random infuses the single with his signature style, one that rebels against the status quo of today’s music industry.


“Forever” is more than just a song; it’s a narrative of resilience and respect for the art of hip-hop. MC Random’s verses are a journey through the trials and triumphs of an artist dedicated to his craft, offering a raw glimpse into his personal saga. The track is a homage to the legends who paved the way and an affirmation of MC Random’s resolve to forge a legacy that will endure.


Listeners are invited to experience the gritty authenticity and lyrical dexterity of “Forever” upon its release. MC Random’s commitment to the true essence of hip-hop is a beacon for those who yearn for music with substance and soul. Join the movement and be part of the unending legacy that MC Random is building—one verse at a time.

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