MC Random

MC Random

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

MC Random Biography and Information

MC Random – If you have been around the west coast underground hip hop scene for any amount of time you will know MC Random is a master. With over 20 album releases and more features than you count he has made a name for himself as a rapper, lyricist, and producer he is at the top of his game. He is co-founder of Area 51 Crew and Vice President of Flourish$Prosper Music Group.

Armed with a vast knowledge of Hip Hop history, beat production, word connecting and organizing, Random’s commentary and chief purpose is to not only entertain, but inform, educate, and contribute to an industry long overdue for change.

As the years have passed, the term “HIP HOP” has evolved into a completely new meaning. The radio has tampered with the culture and its music. Random says, “the real has now turned into the fake”, and his large body of music has a message…

“No more formulas, no more repetitive rhymes, no more wack beats, no more NONSENSE!! This movement stands to change the evolution of a revolution!”

As of 2019, MC Random has released over 40 projects on Flourish$Prosper Music Group and has no plans on stopping in the new decade. With seasonal releases such as #RandomSummer, #RandomWinter and the up and coming weekly #BlackFriday series, Random’s ability to release music and write stories is nowhere near its end.

MC Random has also released a number of albums under different monikers. Random has done albums as “Ran Dickles”, “Styles Infinite”, “Randiculous” and a few more that have yet to surface.