Remember Hip Hop?

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Tracklisting for Remember Hip Hop?

1. Remember Hip Hop 3:15 [feat. DJ Broadway]
2. Lose My Bread 4:15 [feat. Truth, Apakalips, Tone Touch]
3. Cradle to the Grave 3:41 [feat. Knvrs, Apakalips, Dj Broadway]
4. Just Like You 3:59 [feat. Che Skizza, Apakalips]
5. Good Rhymes 3:24 [feat. J.C Thunda, DJ Broadway]
6. Halftime 3:41
7. Killin’Em Softly 3:17 [feat. Young Noy, Phil Harmonic]
8. Back to the Boombox 2:35 [feat. Apakalips]
9. Please Listen 2:35
10. Can’t Sketch It 3:32 [feat. Ace Gunna, Knvrs, DJ Broadway]
11. El Symphonico 4:23 [feat. Apakalips, Knvrs, Juicy T]
12. Want None 2:24 [feat. Neb Luv, El Da Sensei]
13. Haveu4gotten 3:11

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