Left For Dead



1 LFD Intro
2 Rise to the Top
(feat. Gunnie Sonatchra)
3 Sirens
(feat. Rass Kass & Psycho Les)
4 Anacondas
5 The Murder Business
(feat. Ruste Juxx)
6 War Dance (feat. Red Cloud, Artson & Shibastik)
7 Know the Rules
8 Floating on the Air
9 The Experience
(feat. Krazy Race & Jizzm HiDef)
10 Guerra De Barras (Bar Wars)
(feat. ILL Mascaras, SyckSyllables, ILL Wero, Tkilla, Eptos Uno, Demente, Mek & Sinful El Pecador)
11 Times Up
(feat. Elote el Barbaro & Juan Zarate)

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Left For Dead
Left For Dead