YLGoonboy’s latest installment Down Bad furthers the care-free sound that commonly surfaces throughout his music

YLGoonboy Downbad

YLGoonboy’s latest installment DownBad furthers the care-free sound that commonly surfaces throughout his music. Although it is respectively consistent with many of his previous content, YL reminds us of his dynamism as an artist by elaborating this care-free attitude in several distinct tones.

The album begins within a loose, relaxed environment formulated by “GOONBOY!” and “i/solated.” These two songs maintain rhythmically simple instrumentations which provide emphasis to YL’s lyrics and delivery. He therefore capitalizes on these tracks by delivering witty and crafty lines about his livelihood that are effectively memorable to the listeners; his performance is nonetheless synonymous with coveted titles such as “Traphone” and “Minivan” that accentuated his upcoming.

Moving forward the album takes a noticeably aggressive swerve. The mid-section of this collection is cemented with rigid, blastful beats upon which YL once again demonstrates his fear to none. We hear his violent wordplay coupled with the noise of screeching adlibs. Together, YL presents a character that is both notorious and dangerous. Many listeners may find these tracks hype, energetic and live-performance worthy.

Though this aggressive sound encapsulates most of the album, YLGoonboy constructs an interesting finale that is both somber and reflective by paying rightful homage to “+COLD WHEN BLUE” with his inclusion of a “#FREE YL 2.” Like its predecessor, this track offers listeners a scoped view of the journey. It addresses his origins, sheds light on his struggles, and fortifies his commitment to pursue something greater.

The sensitivity that YL displays deeply contrasts with his previous takes, thus elevating the intention of this song and the album overall. It authenticates his pain as an artist, but more importantly his pain as an individual. It is relatable and conscientious. It reminds us that within everybody, a part of us is still broken. And by reserving this track for the end we are left with a lasting image, a contemplative ending, an imaginative void for what is to come next.

Overall DownBad serves justice to the care-free nature that is YLGoonboy. We are granted a diverse range of music which invokes a rollercoaster of vibeful, vigorous, and sentimental emotions.

Personally, “#Free YL 2” is my favorite track on the album. It is relatable, sincere, and reveals a character that is often unnoticed in YL‘s skillset.

Regardless it would be without surprise for any listener to find something musically stimulating throughout the album. That’s always been the trend for YL, and for now the trend continues.

Downbad Tracklisting

  1. Goonboy!
  2. I / Solated (feat. Jrod)
  3. Cry Scene
  4. 4 (feat. Josifgrey)
  5. Agoonind3ad$Pacee
  6. 3xorcism / 7Sins
  7. #FreeYL 2
  8. Issu3

Artist / Group: YL Goonboy
Status: In Stores Now
Release Type: Album
Music Genre: Hip Hop
Record Label: Flourish$Prosper Music Group
UPC: 194690158278
Pre-Order: 03/09/2020
Release Date: 03/25/2020

Written by Angelo Moulic

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