MC Random & Chop Lui Set to Release Hot Out The BeatBox, a Single Off the Upcoming “Summer Party One Two” Album

MC Random & Chop Lui

“Flourish$Prosper Music Group is excited to announce the upcoming release of MC Random & Chop Lui’s newest single, Hot Out The BeatBox.”

Pasadena, CA – August 28, 2023 – Flourish$Prosper Music Group is excited to announce the upcoming release of MC Random & Chop Lui’s newest single, Hot Out The BeatBox. This highly-anticipated track is set to be featured on MC Random’s forthcoming album, “Summer Party One Two”. Music lovers can mark their calendars for the release date of August 25, 2023, as MC Random and Chop Lui promise to deliver an infectious beat that will make it impossible not to head nod.

Hot Out The BeatBox is a new single off the highly anticipated “Summer Party One Two” album by MC Random. Produced by the talented in-house beat maker, Chop Lui. The Summer Party album, along with Hot Out The BeatBox, was exclusively produced on the E-mu Systems original beatbox, the SP12. Renowned for its sampling and drum machine capabilities, the SP-12 is often regarded as the first commercially successful drum machine and sampler combo. With its twelve-bit sampling percussion, the SP-12 showcases the power of the sampler and adds a unique flavor to MC Random & Chop Lui’s sound.

The “Summer Party” album: A Celebration of Vibrant Sounds

The “Summer Party” album is a testament to MC Random’s creative vision. Filled with infectious beats, catchy hooks, and skillful wordplay, this album captures the essence of Summer. MC Random’s sharp delivery creates a sonic experience that will have listeners moving from start to finish. Set to be released later this year, the “Summer Party One Two” album is a must-listen for music enthusiasts craving a nostalgic summer musical journey.

About MC Random & Chop Lui

MC Random, a Pasadena-born MC, is widely recognized for his lyrical prowess and infectious energy. As the Vice President of Music for Flourish$Prosper Music Group, MC Random brings his passion for storytelling and unique flow to every project. Chop Lui, on the other hand, is a producer and head engineer for Flourish$Prosper Music Group, hailing from SGV. Known for his distinctive sound and innovative production techniques, Chop Lui adds depth and creativity to every track he works on. Together, MC Random and Chop Lui form a dynamic duo that consistently pushes boundaries and leaves listeners wanting more.

About Flourish$Prosper Music Group

Flourish$Prosper Music Group is an independent music marketing agency and distribution company that has revolutionized the way independent artists promote and pitch their music. With a range of innovative tools and a mission to level the playing field for up-and-coming artists, Flourish$Prosper empowers independent musicians to succeed in a highly competitive industry. The company believes in creating opportunities for artists to flourish and prosper in their careers by providing personalized strategies, expert guidance, and streamlined distribution services.

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