LA’s Underground Royalty Medusa Teams Up with Chop Lui for Explosive Track ‘Get Out At It

Introduction: A New Anthem Emerges

Los Angeles, CA – The music industry is abuzz with anticipation as Flourish & Prosper Music Group announces the upcoming release of “Get Out At It (How The Game Go),” a powerful new single by Medusa The Gangsta Goddess & Chop Lui. Scheduled to drop on February 16, 2024, this track promises to captivate audiences with its raw energy and unyielding spirit.

“Get Out At It (How The Game Go)”: The Anthem of Tenacity

“Get Out At It (How The Game Go)” by Medusa & Chop Lui is not just a track; it’s an anthem that embodies the hustle of urban life and the indomitable spirit of those who approach their goals with passion and persistence. This vibrant song is a gritty ode to individualism, with an intensity that matches the focus of its creators. Medusa & Chop Lui deliver music that narrate the commitment to the hustle, invoking the imagery of a fanatic—obsessive, driven, and uniquely unapologetic.

The hook, “I get out at it like it’s a habit,” becomes a powerful mantra, echoing the relentless pursuit of greatness. Medusa’s verses resonate with the influence of her upbringing and the enduring power of maternal wisdom, infusing her ambition with identity and purpose. The track pays homage to hip-hop’s fundamental mission to “move the crowd,” urging listeners to embrace their unique paths with confidence and panache. “Get Out At It” is more than music—it’s a sonic manifesto for making one’s mark on the world with flair, substance, and undeniable swagger.

The Power Duo Behind “Get Out At It (How The Game Go)”

Medusa The Gangsta Goddess, the undisputed Queen of LA’s underground hip-hop scene, has an illustrious career that has been celebrated in Ava DuVernay’s documentary “This is the Life” and the hip-hop documentary “Freestyle.” With ASCAP credits that include collaborations with legends such as Tupac Shakur on the Gridlock’d soundtrack, Tina Marie on “Mackin’ Game,” and a gold single in Japan with Speech of Arrested Development, Medusa’s talents extend beyond her role as a revered MC, poet, and singer. She has also made her mark as an actress, with notable appearances in the CBS All Access series “One Dollar,” the Moesha episode “Run Moesha Run,” and HBO’s “Stranger Inside.”

Joining her is the prodigiously talented Luis Fadanelli, better known as “Chop Lui,” a hip-hop producer hailing from San Gabriel, CA. Since his start in 2001 with Acid Pro and the Akai MPC, Chop Lui has honed his skills in mixing and mastering. He has been the mastermind behind F$PMG’s music releases and made his own splash with his debut instrumentals album “Chop Lui XIII” in 2017, showcasing his versatility across genres from Boom Bap to Trap.

Conclusion: A Sonic Blueprint for Success

“Get Out At It (How The Game Go)” stands as a testament to the resilience and creativity of Medusa The Gangsta Goddess & Chop Lui. This single is poised to set the music world alight with its message of empowerment and the relentless pursuit of one’s passions. As the release date approaches, fans and newcomers alike are invited to experience the transformative power of this track. Flourish & Prosper Music Group is proud to present a song that will not only move the crowd but also inspire a new generation to “Get Out At It” with all their might.

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