Flourish$Prosper Music Group releases “Infinite Soul (8OUL)” by MC Random & Patrick Antonian

Infinite Soul (Infinite 8OUL) by @area51random and @patrickantonian now streamin...

December 20, 2019 (Los Angeles, CA) – Straight from the Los Angeles underground comes the duo of MC Random and Patrick Antonian, two seasoned emcees dedicated to the true sound of authentic hip-hop. Many styles have come and gone in the world of hip-hop music but the art of skilled rhyming over a sampled-driven beat is still alive and well as these two demonstrate with the release of their new song and video, “Infinite Soul (8OUL)”. 

In describing his feelings about today’s hip-hop scene MC Random said, “No more formulas. No more repetitive rhymes. No more wack beats. No more NONSENSE!!”  True to that statement, “Infinite Soul” will take fans back to that time in hip-hop where creativity and skills were at the forefront of the culture and not cookie-cutter formulas in which artists sound like each other and it’s hard to tell them apart. 

Patrick Antonian, who is featured on this track, is also a skilled veteran emcee with experience in music licensing in the television field with features on FOX, CBS, ABC, TNT, VH1, SpikeTV, Netflix, TLC, and more. Having worked with the likes of Ghostface Killah, Tha Liks, Ras Kass and many other rhyming legends, Patrick Antonian delivers this new dedication to no nonsense dope rhyming as part of Random’s “Black Friday” music releases from Flourish$Prosper Music Group, one of the leading independent music agencies in Southern California. 

Formerly known as the Raptalk Music Group, Flourish$Prosper has been in the business of pushing independent music since the early 2000’s as it hosted top West Coast music websites such as WestCoastrydaz, Raptalk, DubCNN and many more. 

Rebranded in 2013 as Flourish & Prosper, Martinez tapped long time friends Luis Fadanelli and Michael Comas to lead the music division of the company. 

“I knew Random would be a great guinea pig for all the different types of music marketing I wanted to try. He works relentlessly and has enough music for 20 releases still in the can. Chop Lui has been making beats since the early 2000s and has been refining his mixing skills since. He’s our lead engineer and has numerous production credits under his belt. He was the very first official F$P release on our EMPIRE distribution deal.”

In partnership with distribution giant EMPIRE, Flourish$Prosper has over 100 releases and continues to bring the best of the Los Angeles underground scene to the forefront for fans of that real authentic hip-hop sound from all over the world to enjoy. 

“We’ve been hard at work building a content platform for our partners. Our platforms now include digital distribution, digital marketing, merchandising, event production and broadcast advertising, and so much more. We working over here!” says Martinez.

For more information on Flourish$Prosper Music Group, please visit the website at https://flourishprosper.net 

MC Random & Patrick Antonian – Infinite Soul (8OUL)

EPK: https://flourishprosper.net/music-release/infinite-soul-infinite-8oul/


Buy / Stream Link: https://smarturl.it/8OUL





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