Dearly Deported

JUNE 1, 2019  (LOS ANGELES, CA) 

Apakalips, a veteran underground hip hop artist you’ve never heard of releases his first album on June 1, 2019.

20 years in the making, “DEARLY DEPORTED” is the culmination of a large spanning career in the music industry.

Apakalips started rapping with a west coast crew called RS3 who later morphed into Area 51.

“As a unit we were like Voltron, individually we were also a force to be reckoned with, but I always stood behind my crew. I never felt like it was the right time” he says. “Until now.”

At the age of 9, his brother gave Apakalips the Whodini FREAKS COME OUT AT NIGHT tape, introducing him to hip hop. “He kept teaching me, showing me different kinds of music from rock to hip hop. Plus, my pops used to play a lot of different music. He always had a record on the turntable.”

Naturally, Apakalips would also begin to create music. His credits include Nipsey Hussle’s PAID MY DUES. Released in 2013. He remembers making that beat on his buddy’s MPC XL.

Apakalips says that every song off the 17 track solo album feels like his baby. “Nothing was forced, it came together really naturally. I believe in originality and I feel both my lyrics and beats are like that. I have never stopped learning. Watching great producers, seeing the decades pass I witness how much the music changed, but I never followed the trends. I stuck to my roots and what I know. To this day I continue to learn and grow and experience music as a culture and life, not a trend or something simple. Music isn’t just my life, it’s my everything.”

For this album, Apakalips collaborated with underground producers MC Random, Chop Lui, Broadway, Touch Tone, and AA. He focused on exactly what he wanted and it shows in his body of work. DEARLY DEPORTED is sure to bring Apakalips to light.

There is no one that sounds like Apakalips. As a west coast Latino rapper and producer, he has a unique perspective and you should pay attention to what he is talking about.

He has a lot to say.

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