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Kamikaze” is more than a song; it’s a call to action. Vince One pens lyrics that serve as a wake-up call about the political situation that remains obscured by mainstream media. The song is a rallying cry for freedom, echoing the wisdom of our ancestors and their relationship with nature.

It is an invitation for indigenous races and all who hear it to unite in the face of corruption and sacrifice for the greater good. The title “Kamikaze” is chosen deliberately, symbolizing Vince One’s readiness to lay down his life for unity and protection of his people, much like the fearless spirit of the kamikaze.

The track is a battle cry, a call to arms where Vince One & Yone OG declare they won’t go down without a fight, opting instead for a kamikaze mission against the powers that be. With imagery of scorched ties in the lobby and a rallying call that this is a robbery, the song makes it clear that they’re here to reclaim what’s theirs.

The lyrics speak to the heart of the oppressed, promising a new era where their people are fed and their voices heard. The mention of united forces like lions, panthers, and other fierce creatures forming an army adds a layer of solidarity that transcends the music itself.

It’s a song that doesn’t just want to be heard; it demands to be felt and acted upon, echoing the spirit of revolution for indigenous races and all who stand with them.


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