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Dive into the slick urban jungle with MC Random & Gutter Cat Gang’s latest track, “How You Like Meow?” It’s a sizzling summer anthem that’s all about flaunting their unique swagger and digital drip. With a playful nod to the crypto craze, these feline phenoms spit bars about luxury, exclusivity, and the high life, all while riding the non-fungible wave. The mood is confident and cheeky, with a beat that struts down the alleyways of the gritty city. This track will have you bopping your head to its infectious rhythm as you soak in the braggadocio of these alley cat moguls.


The song tells a tale of the Gutter Cat Gang’s rise from the streets to the penthouse, with their jewels shining and crypto wallets bulging. It’s a celebration of success in the modern era, where art meets the blockchain and every verse is a bid in the auction house of cool. Whether they’re catnapping with supermodels or making the cash registers ring, MC Random and his crew are living large and in charge. “How You Like Meow?” isn’t just a question—it’s a challenge to the listener to embrace the hustle and join the ranks of those who are riding high on the non-fungible summer. Get ready to be a part of the gang that’s setting the trend and making the rules in this digital playground.

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