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“Hip Hop Quarantine: Foreign” by Neb Luv featuring MC Random is a raw and reflective track that captures the unease and disorientation of life during the COVID-19 pandemic. The song weaves through the confusion and frustration of social distancing, the politicization of the virus, and the impact of nationwide lockdowns. With a mood that oscillates between anxiety and defiance, the artists express their longing for normalcy, lamenting the loss of freedom to travel and perform, while also critiquing the spread of misinformation and the scramble for supplies. The track’s gritty beats and candid lyrics paint a vivid picture of a world turned upside down, where the familiar feels foreign and home confinement replaces the liberty of the open road.


At its core, “Hip Hop Quarantine: Foreign” is a call to resilience and a reminder of the human spirit’s adaptability. Neb Luv and MC Random tackle the challenges head-on, from dealing with conspiracy theories to acknowledging the frontline workers battling the crisis. They underscore the importance of staying informed, practicing self-care with home remedies, and maintaining social distance. The song’s overarching message is one of solidarity and survival, urging listeners to do their part in the fight against the pandemic while holding onto hope for a return to a world less restricted, less “foreign.” Through their candid storytelling, the artists create a sense of community, even in isolation, and encourage a collective perseverance until brighter days return.

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