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“We Won’t Drown” by Neb Luv featuring Medusa is an anthem of resilience and unshakeable self-belief, set to a backdrop of soulful grooves and hip-hop grit. The song exudes a vibe of empowerment as it tells the story of artists pouring their entire being into their craft, with each verse symbolizing a testament to their dedication and spirit. The repeated mantra, “We won’t drown,” serves as a powerful declaration of survival and success against any odds, resonating with anyone who’s ever fought to keep their head above water in the pursuit of their dreams.


The track’s lyrics weave a rich tapestry of cultural references, from the psychedelic rock of Jimi Hendrix to the funkadelic energy of Brides of Funkenstein, all while maintaining a modern edge that’s both raw and refined. Neb Luv’s verses are a masterclass in lyrical prowess, delivering punchlines with the precision of a seasoned emcee, while Medusa’s contributions add depth and a fierce tenacity that can’t be ignored. “We Won’t Drown” isn’t just a song—it’s a movement, a mindset, and a rallying cry for anyone who’s ever faced adversity with the unwavering belief that they will not only survive but thrive.

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1. We Won’t Drown 2:51 [feat. Medusa]

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