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“Round Trip” by Hassy is a stirring anthem of resilience and self-discovery, echoing the internal struggles and aspirations that resonate with anyone chasing their dreams. The lyrics weave a tale of determination and the quest for authenticity in a world riddled with superficiality and materialism. Hassy delivers a mood that oscillates between reflective introspection and hopeful optimism, capturing the essence of a journey that is both personal and universal.


Through Hassy’s evocative storytelling, “Round Trip” becomes an intimate conversation about the challenges of staying true to oneself amidst life’s complexities. The song is a heartfelt nod to the artist’s support system, including a touching tribute to a foster mother’s unwavering love, and a message of solidarity to friends and family. With a melody that’s both haunting and uplifting, “Round Trip” invites listeners to embrace their own round trips—acknowledging the hardships, celebrating the victories, and ultimately, finding joy in the ride.

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1. Round Trip (3:03)

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