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Execution Style” by MC Wicks & DJ Warlock One is a gritty, unapologetic anthem that captures the raw energy and determination of navigating life’s challenges with the tenacity of a street-savvy hustler. The track’s mood is relentless and charged, characterized by a hard-hitting beat that underscores the artists’ commitment to their craft and lifestyle. Through their lyrics, MC Wicks & DJ Warlock One lay down a manifesto of resilience, comparing life to a game that they play with unwavering dedication and a unique approach that sets them apart from the rest.


The song tells a story of personal authenticity and staying true to one’s roots, with references to MC Wicks’ upbringing in the Baptist Church and the streets of L.A. It’s a bold declaration of self-worth and prowess, both in life and on the mic, with a nod to the power of female strength in lines that boast of commanding the crowd and shining in the spotlight. “Execution Style” is a testament to the artists’ skill and confidence, an invitation to listeners to embrace their individuality and play the game of life on their own terms, with passion and a touch of swagger.

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