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“Everything” by Dev is a gritty urban anthem that captures the relentless hustle and unapologetic confidence of someone who’s risen through the ranks of the city’s streets. The song exudes a brash and self-assured mood, with lyrics that boast of the artist’s dominance in both the urban landscape and in the hearts of admirers. Dev’s narrative paints a picture of a modern-day maverick, a “true American idol” who’s earned the respect and adoration of the neighborhood, and who refuses to bow down to anyone’s expectations but their own.


With a swaggering beat that mirrors the artist’s assertive attitude, “Everything” tells a story of triumph over doubt and adversity. Dev’s journey from the bottom to the top is marked by a relentless work ethic and a refusal to engage with detractors. The song’s message is clear: success is the result of self-belief, resilience, and the willingness to outwork everyone else. It’s a defiant declaration that Dev is not just a part of the music scene but is everything the game needs—unwavering, unstoppable, and undeniably in command.

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1. Everything (3:14)

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