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“Average Nigga,” a track by Harold Blu featuring G-Laff, is a brash and unapologetic anthem that delves into the gritty realities of self-worth and relationship dynamics in a world where material success often defines personal value. With a mood that’s both celebratory and contemplative, the song juxtaposes the highs of newfound wealth—symbolized by champagne on Thursdays and pockets full of hundreds—with the sobering understanding that not everyone measures up to the artists’ elevated standards. The catchy hook, “oh yeah you bad bitch but only to an average nigga,” serves as a recurring reminder that the artists see themselves as anything but average, setting the bar high for those who aspire to be part of their world.


The narrative of “Average Nigga” is a raw and honest look at the artists’ perspectives on life’s hustle and the complexities of intimate relationships. Through verses that speak to guarding one’s heart while keeping an open mind, and refusing to settle for partners who don’t bring equal value, Harold Blu and G-Laff paint a picture of men who are fiercely independent and selective. The track’s confident tone is underscored by a sense of caution, as the artists navigate the pitfalls of love and loyalty in a landscape where being exceptional is the norm. With its blend of hard-hitting lyrics and a beat that pulls you into the artists’ world, “Average Nigga” is a bold declaration of self-assurance and a call to rise above the mediocrity.

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1. Average Nigga (4:25) [feat. G-Laff]

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