Stacey Justis

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Stacey Justis Biography and Information

Stacey’s genre-bending and unique song-writing style are best mixed with beats. She collaborates with underground Hip-hop producers, writing and co-producing her music with the production team at Flourish$Prosper Music Group. Her vocal style has been described as angelic and her writing style poetic. Her eclectic sonic aesthetic lends itself well to hip hop because there is a creative balance that occurs when her voice mixes with a hard-hitting beat.

Stacey’s passion for music can be heard in her heart-felt, thought-provoking lyrics in songs like Smoke in the Sky,  Chasing, and Platinum. She can also take you down an RnB melodic road with songs like Justified.

Stacey’s music is a sonic experience and the best thing about it is you don’t know what to expect so the ride she takes you on is provocative and mesmerizing.


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