MC Random – Remember Hip Hop?

MCRandom Remember Hip Hop album cover

Title: Remember Hip Hop?
Artist / Group: MC Random

Release Date: 7/28/2017
Pre-Order Date: 7/21/2017
Type: Album

Label: Flourish and Prosper
Distributor: Flourish$Prosper Music Group
UPC/Bar Code: 888915416600

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Sub Genre: West Coast Hip Hop
Content: Explicit

Executive Producer: Michael Comas

1 Remember Hip Hop (feat. DJ Broadway)
2 Lose My Bread (feat. Truth, Apakalips & Tone Touch)
3 Cradle to the Grave (feat. Knvrs, Apakalips & DJ Broadway)
4 Just Like You (feat. Che Skizza & Apakalips)
5 Good Rhymes (feat. J.C Thunda & DJ Broadway)
6 Halftime
7 Killin’ Em Softly (feat. Young Noy & Phil Harmonic)
8 Back to the Boombox (feat. Apakalips)
9 Please Listen
10 Can’t Sketch It (feat. Ace Gunna, Knvrs & DJ Broadway)
11 El Symphonico (feat. Apakalips, Knvrs & Juicy T)
12 Want None (feat. Neb Luv & El Da Sensei)
13 Haveu4gotten

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About Remember Hip Hop? by MC Random

Introducing the latest incarnation from the hardest working man in real HipHop, Random aka MC Random aka Diggy, and more commonly known as one of the originating members of the LA based Area51 Collective.

The Remember HipHop album takes you on a truly authenic journey into the minds and souls of veteran HipHop artists, from the way they see it, as people who trod the early roads of the artform and culture, these guys know more than most the way to demonstarte this passion into beats and bars.

Random who hails from Pasadena (LA) has taken time to pull together some of the regions greatest talents to produce what is the most revealing album to date. Giving you a front row seat into the stories of some the scenes most underated origonators and true veterans of the game.

Remember HipHop as the title suggests, does what it says on the tin. If indeed HipHop means anything to you and you have a real understanding for its roots and heritage, you will most definitely be feeling this album.

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