MC Random – Grumpy Old Man

Title: Grumpy Old Man
Artist / Group: MC Random

Release Date: 7/21/2017
Pre-Order Date: 6/14/2017
Type: Album

Label: Flourish and Prosper
Distributor: Flourish$Prosper Music Group
UPC/Bar Code: 888915416600

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Sub Genre: West Coast Hip Hop
Content: Explicit

Executive Producer: Michael Comas


1 Grumpy Old Intro (feat. Dre Boogie) 1:36

2 Grumpy Old Man (feat. DJ Broadway) 4:11

3 And U Say Pasadena 2:52

4 Chip on My Shoulder (feat. Apakalips) 3:12

5 Angry Birds 2:32

6 Too Fast (feat. Dre Boogie) 3:35

7 Louder (feat. DJ Broadway) 4:19

8 Generation Gap (feat. Moniquea) 3:44

9 Grumpy Olderlude1:47

10 The Clappp (feat. Dre Boogie)3:28

11 Dreams 3:35

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