Our company is growing and evolving almost on a weekly basis. We currently serve as a music distributor, digital marketer. web developer, video and audio producer for television, radio, digital, OOH and much more!


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Managing Partner, Flourish$Prosper

Hands on day-to-day experience in Entertainment, Broadcasting (TV & Radio), E-Commerce, Web Design, Non Profit and many other industries.

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Partner, Flourish$Prosper

Finance and Business Administration for Flourish$Prosper.

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Partner, Flourish$Prosper

Day to Day operations of Flourish$Prosper Agency.

music group

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Music Production, F$P Music Group

Luis has been creating music for over 15 years and has various major label credits. He leads the music production department for F$P Music Publishing.

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Music Director, F$P Music Group

No need for introductions, MC Random ultimately has one of the last words on what F$PMG releases..

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Radio Operations Manager, F$P Music Group

Aaron has been creating music for over 15 years. His vast experience allows Flourish & Prosper to maintain its ear to the street and programming fresh.

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Artist Relations Director, F$P Music Group

"The Finisher", With numerous executive production credits under his belt, Dennis joins F$PMG to work through projects to completion/

Digital pubishing

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Editor-in-chief, F$P Digital Publishing

Tim is a reknowned journalist in the West Coast Hip Hop scene. His credits include breaking some of today's biggest artists through his network of contributions to websites.

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Photographer, F$P Digital Publishing

There hasn't been a major event in Los Angeles that Feliciano hasn't photographed. From behind the scenes at one of the biggest Cinco de Mayo festivals in Los Angeles, to the various television events to hit Hollywood. Feliciano is the go-to event photographer.

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digital sales, F$P Digital Publishing

Johnny has attacked the media landscape since graduationg from CSUN in Media. He runs all of our digital sales.